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Hey guys,

Justin here – director of My Last Days. We’re starting a campaign to help out Ryan and his family.
Ryan Woods is a 29 year old father and husband. He was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma brain tumor that’s lodged in his spinal cord. Unfortunately, Ryan’s doctors can’t seem to figure this cancer out, and he is currently in hospice care living his last days. No matter what adversity he’s faced, Ryan never ceases to see the positivity in the world and inspire everyone who knows him to love and live sincerely.

Ryan’s extraodinary wife, Jess, has been right by his side throughout this journey and has been supporting him while taking care of their two kids, their home, and everything else life throws her way. Between all of these things, Jess eventually had to quit her job. We want to help out however we can. She’s already going to be dealing with losing her best friend and partner in life, growing medical bills, and raising her two beautiful children – we want to make sure money isn’t the first thing on her mind.

We don’t have any fancy perks or gimmicks. This isn’t about what we get in return. This is about doing some good and helping a family that, God knows, could use our help, love, and support now more than ever.

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